Dynamics 365 Portals – Force email as username

If you are running a Microsoft Dynamics 365 portal to allow customers or prospects to interact with your organisation, then you may have run into an issue we often come up against.

At FlexRM we us a Dynamics 365 portal to allow customers to raise support issues with their Dynamics implementation. We share documents and comments back and forth through the portal using workflows to send email alerts to the customer and Microsoft Teams notifications internally to alert the support team of new cases or updates. As a result of many different contacts logging into the portal we inevitably get password reset requests, these can be self-served through the portal. Surprisingly more often than you might expect we also get username reminder requests, which there is no self-service option for.

One way to prevent this from happening is to enable log in via email address by adding a new Site Setting following the instructions below:

  • Change to “Dynamics 365 Portals” app
  • Navigate to “Site Settings” in the “Website” section
  • Search for the “Authentication/Registration/LocalLoginByEmail” site setting and set the value to “true”. If you do not have this site setting just add a new one