Quick Tips: Microsoft To Do Task Synchronisation

In 2015 Microsoft acquired the to-do list application Wunderlist and 2 years later announced To-Do, an evolution to Wunderlist. Since then, Microsoft has continued to update the task management application, making it one of the top free to do list applications on the market.


While Microsoft To-Do is a great standalone to do list manager, it also has some tricks up its sleeve when it comes to Dynamics and Office 365. With synchronisation enabled for Tasks in Dynamics 365, you are probably aware that these tasks will appear in your Task List in Outlook, but if you are logged into your Office 365 account in Microsoft To-Do, they will also appear in your tasks list here too.


To enable this, navigate to Settings -> Email Configuration -> Mailboxes. Open up your mailbox record and change the Synchronization Method for Appointments, Contacts, and Tasks to Server-Side Synchronisation.

Save the record and click “Test & Enable Mailbox” after a short delay your Appointment, Contacts and Tasks Configuration Test Results Status should change to Success.

If you aren’t able to do this, or if the status doesn’t change to Success after your test, you may need to ask an Office 365 Global Admin to do the steps for you.

Synchronisation works both ways, if you create a new task in Microsoft To-Do, it will appear in your task list in Outlook and from here you can tag the task as “Tracked To Dynamics 365” and it will synchronise into your task list in Dynamics.

You can mark a task as complete anywhere and the status will synchronise across all 3 applications, but the only place to get that satisfying “ding” is in Microsoft To-Do.